Krystian Kaczor - Your Coach

Krystian Kaczor - Your Coach

The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation.


Get it Now!

I help people to establish a fulfilling vision, then I enable them to discover all the skills and potential they have already had and develop new skills to make their dreams finally come true. I do this by creating the space to thrive and appreciating the client as a perfect human being.

Four Reasons to Get Coaching Now!

Nobody Gets To the Olympics Without a Coach

1The difference about having a excellent game and having game excellence is about consistency. It is about having same or better results every time. Professional athletes talk about ‘getting in the zone’. Successful leaders and businessmen call it ‘having a flow’. Have you ever wondered what makes only one of great performers win the competition? What makes that tens of second difference? It’s the inner game they play in their minds. What is that top performers have in common and who the call when they are in need? The answer is coach. You need to get coach if you want to find your flow and have the game excellence.

Create the Reality That Supports You

2There is old wisdom is Talmud that says ‘We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.’ People think that they know the only reality that exists, meaning their current life. People often have a strong opinion on how things work, what is the way of doing things, how are other people. But it’s not true. You create your reality by focusing on only parts of the real world. We filter all the information that we receive from our senses through sets of filters and we give the information meaning. Some filters are taken from parents, some are given by teachers and others are created by your experiences. You can change focus by asking questions and shifting perspectives. This way you can decide what is the reality that supports you the most.

Get the Life You Want

Tony Robbins says that ‘We live who we believe we are’. Simply saying, believes and your system of values need to fit the identity that you have now. What you believe influences your reactions, behavior and creates you environment. Isn’t that what we call ‘having  a life’. Just think for a moment what values and believes you need to have is you are an office worker, and what values and believes will support a successful businessman. I guess they will be different, right? Therefore to change your life you need to change your identity and supporting values. The rest will follow. How to do it? By asking the right questions and revealing new possibilities. This is what is coaching about.

Find the True Freedom

4Freedom is one of the top values and wants that are mentioned by coaching clients. People want freedom, want to be free. If you want to have freedom and want to be free, you don’t have freedom and you are not free now. Most probably you live in free country where you can make your own choices about your future. You earn money that can be spent on anything you decide to spend on. It’s only you own mind that impressions you with your unsupportive thoughts and ideas. With coaching you can find and break the limitations created by your unconscious mind. ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it fate’ C. G. Jung